Terms & Conditions

ROMA products are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase against failure due to manufacturing defect. FUYU Australia will supply a replacement for the faulty product or component at its discretion. FUYU Australia is not responsible for the removal and replacement work of the product.
This warranty does not cover damages by improper installation, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, negligence, excessive wear and tear, improper care and maintenance, water and natural causes such as sunlight, humidity and other environmental conditions. It should be noted that all cabinets are manufactured from moisture resistant materials but are not waterproof. Care must be taken to immediately dry any spillage or leakage of water that may gain access to the cabinet as water damage is not a justifiable claim.
Due to ROMA product development, FUYU Australia reserves the right to make changes without notice and specification should be checked prior to installation. All colors and shades are reproduced as accurately as possible, and should be taken as a guide only.
Copyright of product pictures and the concepts represented are strictly reserved to FUYU Australia Pty Ltd. No unauthorized use or copying permitted.

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